XODO WP1 WiFi Enabled, App Controlled Mini Smart Plug Light Notification Outlet Compatible with Alexa and Google Home (PK4)

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The PK4 Smart Plug Kit makes life at home a lot less of a hassle, with these smart plugs you can do a number of things around the house in a much more of a simple way. For example you are able to turn lamps on or off if your house is too dark or if you forgot to turn off a light you can access the Xodo app and deactivate the light in a moments notice. The bigger wall plug the WP3 not only has outlets you can plug household appliances too but you can also plug in your phone using the USB port if you are tired of using bulky chargers, the WP3 is travel size so you can take it just about anywhere hassle free and with saving space with not having to carry around bulky chargers. The Smart Home Kit allows you to not only be more energy effiencet but be a lot more simplistic with how you do things around the house life life smarter with the Xodo PK4 Smart Home Kit.     


  • SMARTER HOME SMARTER YOU –  Being able to set schedules and times of when things should turn on or off lets you never forget about leaving the light on at night and running up your electricity bill, the Smart Home Kit does the work for you and works on your schedule.

  • ENERGY EFFICIENT – Say you leave your phone on the charger, the WP1 and WP3 will not overcharge your Smartphone and protect its internals and your device preventing your battery from burning out. You can also remotely turn off either one of the smart plugs in the XODO app if you leave something turned on like a lamp or other appliance plugged in.


  • FAMILY SHARING –  Share your account with your family through the Xodo app, not only will you be able to experience the Smart Home Kit but so will your family. No more needing to wait for the outlet to be free so you can charge your phone, the WP3 comes with 2 USB ports giving you the option of charging more than 1 smartphone or device whatever you should decide on.


  • XODO GIVES YOU CONTROL – You can control any Xodo Devices in the Xodo app and set up with an easy install in order to have all of the XODO devices on your home screen when you enter the app. The XODO app gives you complete control and shows your which devices are activated and which ones are not.


  • AMAZON ALEXA AND GOOGLE ASSISTANT –  The Xodo app is compatible with both so you can have either one voice activate and have a better, faster, more efficient way around your living space. With a few simple directions we explain how to connect your XODO devices to Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home Assistant so you don’t have to worry about any complicated start up issues.    

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