Kangaroo – Wireless Siren + Keypad – White

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Secure your home with this Kangaroo Siren + Keypad alarm. The siren audibly alerts you when connected sensors are triggered, and the keypad lets you easily deactivate the alarm. This Kangaroo Siren + Keypad alarm includes two Roo Tags that let you arm and disarm your security system with a single tap.Keeps your home or business secureThe Siren + Keypad unit manages all connected sensors and sends you notifications when the alarm is triggered.Compatible with most Kangaroo sensorsIncluding Kangaroo Motion and Motion + Entry sensors.Arm and disarm your system or check on your home from your mobile deviceThe Kangaroo: Simple Home Security app is compatible with most iOS and Android devices for versatility.Stay informed if door or window sensors are triggeredProvides audible alarm to alert the household and ward off intruders.Digital keypadAllows you to change the security PIN, adjust security settings, and activate panic mode.Two Roo Tags includedEnable manual one-tap arming and disarming.Plug and pairEnsures quick and easy installation.

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