Honeywell T5 Plus Smart Thermostat

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Integrate temperature control into your Smart home setup with this thermostat. Compatibility with virtual assistants and apps offers remote control via your devices, and advanced scheduling and one-touch shortcuts complement busy lifestyles. Notifications alert you to HVAC filter changes to ensure optimal function, and custom fan settings provide efficient air circulation.

    • Backlit touchscreen display 
    • Geofence technology senses your department and arrivals and sets temperature accordingly 
    • Intelligent comfort control corrects for humidity and outside temperature 
    • Push notifications remind you when it’s time to change HVAC filters 
    • 7-day flexible scheduling 
    • Change settings remotely via Lyric app or directly on the thermostat’s touchscreen
    • Notifies you of extreme indoor temperature changes
    • Display outside weather icon on the thermostat 
    • Create convenient one-touch custom shortcuts for recurring events 
    • Custom fan settings circulate more or less air as needed
    • Compatible with: Amazon Echo (Alexa), Apple HomeKit (Siri), Google Home, Samsung SmartThings 
    • low voltage power adapter included 
    • Measures roughly 4 inches wide x 4 inches high x 1 inch deep 

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